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The need for a mobile phone policy

How your staff use their mobile phones has a legal impact - both on them and on you. In order to protect your business, you should ensure that you clarify your rules on mobile phone usage, and that these are clearly spelt out to your employees. These should cover the following:

Issuing a mobile phone policy will make sure that both you and your employees know exactly where you stand. It also will prove invaluable in defending any claims against you where an employee has either used a phone in breach of your rules, or where you take disciplinary action against an employee for abusing these.

Screenshot of the process once you have bought access:

The process creates a PDF (as seen on the left)
from your input (on the right).

You can then print the saved PDF file as many times as required, or hand it to the user with the mobile phone or place it on your company intranet.

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